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My 3-year-old inherits my editing skills

Proud mama moments are never lacking in my house, but today my son really impressed me.

Nico is 3 years old, but already knows how to read … and apparently he also knows how to edit and catch mistakes!  Today, he mentioned it was Wednesday, specifically, “I still don’t feel better on Wednesday.” He isn’t feeling good, so he made sure to update me first thing this morning.

So, a few minutes later, I was in the kitchen and he turned on PBS Sprout to watch one of his kid shows. He then yells out, “Mom, I thought it was Wednesday!” I told him that it was Wednesday, and he pointed to the TV and said they had “Thursday.”

Sure enough, on the TV screen were Chica and “The Sunny Side Up Show” host with “Thursday” in big letters above them. They were wrong, and Nico caught it! Their channel is broken into little segments, so I’m sure it was just an oversight, but I thought it was hilarious that Nico pointed it out.

I am a writer/editor and have a habit of correcting grammar, punctuation, unnecessary apostrophes, etc. I’ve caught some pretty funny mistakes on signs and TV, but today I had a whole new perspective on editing when my toddler pointed out a mistake. Proud mama moment for sure!

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