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Run, run, as fast as you can …

… You can’t read me, I’m the “Gingerbread Man!”

Homemade Gingerbread Man

There are lots of traditional fairy tales and nursery rhymes we read to our kids, but are they really great to expose your kids to at such a young age? I have always been able to edit a bit, but now my toddler is reading so I can’t avoid the words.

I’ll have to admit, though. We’ve recently read the “Gingerbread Man,” and I was afraid as I kept reading of how he would react. I totally forgot about the fox eating him until we were half-way through the story. I thought about stopping, but my son was so into it.

So, as the fox ate the Gingerbread Man, I laughed and read the last line “that’s what a Gingerbread Man is for.” I looked to my son with fear to see his reaction. He just laughed along, too. I said, “The fox got to eat the cookie!” My son then told me that he wanted a Gingerbread Man cookie.

Now this story is one of his favorites, and over the holidays we made Gingerbread Man cookies to go along with the theme. Crisis averted … my son’s life was not traumatically changed by the story.

But I don’t quite think he is ready for “Hansel and Gretel.” How do I explain a witch who eats children?

This article explains how fairy tales were meant for adults. I have not yet seen the new show “Grimm,” but have gotten into “Once Upon A Time.” Both are adult shows about fairy tales.  I make sure I watch “Once Upon A Time” after my 3-year-old has gone to sleep.  With some of the material, and a very scary-looking Rumplestiltskin, I think I could even have nightmares!

What do you think about traditional fairy tales and nursery rhymes? Share any good or bad experiences below.

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