Green smoothies made for a smooth St. Patrick’s Day

You would be green with envy if you hung out at our house on St. Patrick’s Day.

Nico green smoothie, alien smoothieI had planned to make green smoothies for my son and I, since I was not going out to party and drink green beer this year. Really only did that once, it was fun, but I can’t drink that much anymore! Especially being on medication. And my husband had to work, so I was perfectly happy hanging out with my son. Those who did go out and party, hope you had fun! It was a beautiful day!

So back to our day … we started off with Mommy and Me yoga. My son had fun showing off his yoga moves, and I got a “wee bit” of relaxation (that is my Irish accent, which you can’t criticize because you can’t hear it lol!) And then we stopped for mint ice cream and headed home to sit outside and enjoy our ice cream in the sunshine.

I also wanted to make a healthy smoothie, like I do most days, for my son and I. And with it being St. Patrick’s Day, I had to make one that was green!

So I ended up making “Alien Smoothies” from my friend’s web site (Color Wheel Meals):

Alien Smoothie

  • one mango
  • one banana
  • one cup (or less) of frozen spinach
  • crushed ice
  • half cup of water

So my son and I wrapped up the day with green smoothies that were super yummy and super green!

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